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Festival Tips to Prepare for Country Fan Fest at the Deseret Peak Complex

July 10, 2024

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July is here bringing with it the heat and Utah’s premier music festival.  In just two weeks thousands of country music fans from across the country will descend on Tooele, UT to attend Country Fan Fest at the Deseret Peak Complex.  The three-day music and camping event will host lots of up-and-coming country artists as well as established stars. 

Whether this is your first Country Fan Fest experience or you’re a returning attendee we have put together a list of tips to help you maximize your time and experience.  Start packing early.  This cannot be stressed enough.  Don’t wait until the day before to get everything together for the event.  You don’t want to leave behind anything that you may need.  Rule of thumb is if you think you may need it pack it.  It’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared even if you’re just going for the day but especially if you’re camping. 

Things that spring to mind getting ready when camping food, water, clothes, tent gear but there are other things that will make your life easier.  Don’t forget a portable battery charger (that’s charged) to bring with you.  It will be a life saver when you’re taking videos and pictures all day long and your phone dies just as you happened to lose your group of friends.  Pack yourself some cooling towels.  This will help tremendously when the temperatures reach triple digits, and you need to cool down.  Bring an empty water bottle with you to fill throughout the day.  There will be filling stations through the venue that you can fill your bottle at.  Staying hydrated will make your festival experience much more enjoyable.   The last thing and one of the most important things is sunblock.  One of the most overlooked items that forgot to get packed that I have heard mentioned is sunblock.  You don’t want to get sunburned on Wednesday and have to deal with three more days of hurting anytime you move.  Food and drinks can be taken into the campground areas only and not inside the main festival grounds so plan accordingly.  For a full list of allowed and non-allowed items and all other FAQ’s click here. 

With everything going on throughout the weekend there’s going to be things happening and lots to see and do.  Plan a meeting spot with your group in case you get separated and designated meeting times.  This is especially true if you forget to bring a portable phone charger and your phone dies.  It saves you all time and stress to have a designated meeting place. 

The last thing to do besides watching the shows is having fun and meeting people at the campground and different events.  There will be games, contests and more at the campground area by the stage that is a fan favorite every year so don’t miss out on all the fun.  Theme days will be a great experience as well so don’t forget to pack your costumes to join in on the different themes. 


For more info on Country Fan Fest and tickets click here. 

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