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Jake Scott Brings The Lavender Tour to Salt Lake City

November 23, 2022

Singer/Songwriter Jake Scott brought The Lavender Tour to the Union Event Center in Salt Lake City this past Friday night.  Eager fans waited in a line that stretched down and around the block to get into the sold-out show and get the best spot possible. 

The night started off with pop sensation Brynn Cartelli performing a solo acoustic set on stage.  I have to say her set was pretty amazing.  Her vocals had everyone in attendance in awe and had her fans, of which there were many, singing along.  It’s easy to see why she was the youngest person to win the television competition The Voice. 

Throughout her set fans were screaming their admiration for her as she performed with one fan screaming out “Marry Me” which caused her to laugh in the middle of the song.  Everyone loved the show though which brought a promise from Cartelli to come back soon, and I know fans will be looking forward to her keeping that promise. 

Up next was a ROSIE.  This is a performer that I wasn’t familiar with before the show but now I find myself a fan of.  Especially with how interactive she is with her fans.  Her songs resonate with people on many levels, and she took the time to connect with the crowd letting everyone know that whatever they felt or were going through was valid.  The songs were deeply emotional with some of the lyrics replaying in my head.  It’s always a good sign when you hear a new artist, and you can’t stop hearing their songs after the fact in your head.  This led me to look her up after the show and I loved what I found.  Her website is interactive and shows you her journey that she has gone through as an artist and a person.  It’s great to see her connecting with her fans this way and giving us all an intimate look at her journey.  I hope she comes back, and I can’t wait to see where her journey takes her.

Finally, we arrived at the main event of the night and everyone in the venue was cheering.  Once the lights dimmed and the Jake Scott light lit up the back of the stage the venue erupted.  The band walked out to the roar of the crowd followed by Jake Scott running out onto the stage bouncing around and turning in circles.  After the first song was over, Scott stood there looking out at the crowd for a moment before remarking how this is the biggest crowd that he has played to, yet which caused another eruption of cheer. 

If you’re not familiar with Jake Scott and his story, by the time you leave one of his shows you will be.  He took the time to tell the fans about most of the songs he performed.  His inspiration for most of his songs comes from his wife, Rachel.  He told the story of meeting her and finding out she was from Texas and how growing up in Arkansas you hate Texas but there was something about this “Texas Girl.”  Then he jumped into singing his song and the fans sang along to every word.  His new album “Lavender” will be coming out and is a love letter to his wife.  The title comes from when he met, he r as well and how lavender brings him back to the memories and feelings of meeting her.  After this he performed his single “Lavender” from the upcoming album. 

Throughout the night Jake had the fans singing along to every song and his stage presence was undeniable.  Between his songwriting skills and his mastery of performing and connecting it’s clear that his fans have a lot to look forward to.  This may have been the largest crowd he has performed to so far but with his talents and a bright future ahead of him I’m sure bigger crowds are in the future. Fans in Salt Lake will be looking forward to the next show. 

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