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Weezer Indie Rock Road Trip at The Great Saltair

August 30, 2023

Alt/Rock icons, Weezer, have been road tripping across the nation on their Indie Rock Road Trip tour that kicked off back on June 4th in Huntsville, AL.  recently their tour brought them to Utah for a sold-out performance at The Great Saltair this past Sunday night.


Fittingly they opened the show with “My Name Is Jonas” which was the first track off their self-titled debut album, or the “Blue Album,” as it has come to be known.  After that they wasted no time getting into fan favorites as “Beverly Hills” was the next song on the setlist which received a roaring approval from the fans.  Pretty much all the songs got the same approval throughout the night even the non-mainstream songs getting love from the fans. 

Throughout the night vocalist, Rivers Cuomo, would give the fans some insight into their songs and what they were about or how they came to be.  The fans loved the story behind their song, “Susanne” which the band wrote about a A&R rep from Geffen who helped them out in their early days.  Most fans of Weezer know the story but there were lots in the crowd who didn’t and loved hearing the inspiration for it.   The performance of the song changed some of the lyrics with the band mentioning Kurt Cobain instead of Izzy getting placed on hold. 

Throughout the show we were treated to some amazing guitar solos and some even sweeter interpretive dance moves from the guys as they played on and delighted the fans.  Midway through the night we had a big sing-along to “Island in the Sun” which got the crowd going full steam ahead into the second half of the show. 

The evening closed out with the encore performances of “The Waste Land,” “Surf Wax America” and the smash single “Buddy Holly.”  “Buddy Holly” had the fans singing along to every word loud enough that the neighboring town of Tooele probably heard the fans and band singing the song from a few miles down the road.  Overall, the concert was a great experience and the outside setting of the lake and the mountains along with the cool night air made for an unforgettable night. 

Weezer will close out the Indie Roack Road Trip Tour September 3rd in San Diego, CA. Info can be found here.  

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