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Ville Valo Returns to Salt Lake City

April 19, 2023

The Depot in Salt Lake City played host to the highly anticipated Neon Noir tour from the Finnish Rock star Ville Valo this past Friday night.  This show marked the return of Valo on his solo debut tour for the first time since 2017 when his former band HIM came through before they disbanded.  This solo show had been on the calendars of his fans who eagerly packed The Depot to see his return in a testament to his staying power and connection with his fans. 

Taking the stage Valo launched into his set which featured songs from his new album Neon Noir and material from his former band HIM.  The crowd loved both, it seemed as they cheered at the new music while singing along to every word of their past favorites.  The show was definitely true to his past HIM performances including the iconic Heartagram displayed behind the band as they played.   Valo’s voice captured the audience whisking us away in a night of nostalgia and giving us something to look forward to over the course of the 17 song set.  His new song’s such as Loveletting displayed Valo’s tendency to pour his heart into his love metal signature style which has helped older fans transition over into the newer music. 

By the end of the night there wasn’t a fan in attendance who hadn’t sung along to their favorite song and cheered their heart out screaming for one more song before Valo came out for the encore performances of “Vertigo Eyes” and “Soul on Fire.”  The performance left the fans there wanting more and looking forward to what comes next from the Finnish rock star who has hinted that new music may be coming after the tour. 

Fans can see Valo on the Neon Noir Tour now through May 9th when the tour wraps up in New York. Ticket and date info here. 

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