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Twenty One Pilots The Icy Tour At The Vivant Arena

September 27, 2022

In what seems like a short amount of time the multi genre duo of Twenty One Pilots, consisting of vocalist, Tyler Joseph, and Drummer, Josh Dun, have become one of the biggest and most followed acts in the world.  It wasn’t long ago that the duo was playing shows at smaller venues and now they are selling out arenas across the country on their Icy Tour. This past Tuesday night saw the tour touch down in Salt Lake City at The Vivant Smart Home Arena, on yet another sold out stop of their tour.

The fans who were lucky enough to score a ticket for this show were in for a treat as the production of this show was incredible.  It included stunning visuals and everything from pyrotechnics and a campfire to a blizzard that happened periodically throughout the show. 

The start of the show saw the duo come to the stage in the middle of one of the snowstorms that dumped on both them and the crowd.  Once on the stage they opened the show with “Good Day” as the snow fell around everyone.  After this the show was up and running and it never slowed down from there on out.  Behind the band on the screen were some of the most striking visuals I have seen on a tour with iconic images associated with the band and their music videos as they played.  The images for “Chlorine” were the best I have seen yet, and the band killed this song with the crowd singing along to every word which led Joseph to exclaim, “This is the best crowd of the tour yet. I hope I don’t regret saying this as there’s a lot more show to go.”

The next phase of the show saw Joseph move to the back of the arena to a different smaller stage that took him up in the air as he played “Mulberry Street” and had the fans light up the venue at different times so the effect was a light wave traveling the arena.  The fans did a great job of cuing in on what he wanted, and the effect made the song and imagery stunning.  After this song Joseph played a series of songs (short cuts) from each album on the piano at this stage which delighted the crowd.

Once the action returned to the main stage the band had a campfire effect going where they played a subdued set of songs which saw a mor intimate part of the night before the tempo picked back up and the crowd roared back to life. 

The last part of the night saw Joseph and Dun both playing drums on makeshift stages held aloft by the crowd, Joseph running through the crowd and singing in the aisles of the stadium, returning to the B stage and performing more songs.  At one point the venue went quiet and then on the stage the iconic red beanie appeared on the screens and Joseph held one staring at it on the podium before putting it on and going into the smash hit “Stressed Out.” When the crowd saw the image on the screens they went wild and sang along to every word of the song almost drowning out Joseph in parts. After the song finished, he dived onto an air mattress the crowd had and surfed it back to the main stage. 

The finale of the show wrapped up with an encore on “Heathens” and “Trees.” The energy which was already at an all-time high seemed to blow straight through the roof as they performed the songs and led Joseph to declare that he hadn’t spoken to soon earlier and that this was the best stop of the tour.  He asked the crowd if they would welcome them back which made the crowd roar it’s approval. 

This stop showed exactly why Twenty One Pilots have become so big with a loyal following and judging by this night they have a bright future ahead of them. 

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