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Trinity of Terror Tour: Salt Lake City

March 30, 2022

2022 is shaping up to be quite the year for concerts.  There are multiple big shows getting announced daily and some that are on tour right now including one of the biggest of the year which just came through Salt Lake City on Saturday March 26th. The Trinity of Terror Tour which is a triple headlined event with Ice Nine Kills, Motionless In White and Black Veil Brides.  With a headline like that you know you are in for a spectacular event and an evening to remember.  This tour was the first time that fans of have been able to see these three bands share the same stage outside of a festival setting.  It was a great night for metalcore and American hard rock music.
Motionless in White was the first band up on the stage after opening support Lilith Czar finished her set.  Right from the start of their set the energy in the building ramped up and was shaking the walls of The Great Saltair. Chris “Motionless” Cerulli gave an amazing performance even though he was battling through not feeling well.  He kept apologizing to the crowd for feeling under the weather and not being able to perform to his full potential.  When he asked the crowd who all was seeing them for the first time there was quite a few fans that sent up a cheer.  He again apologized and told the crowd he would have to make sure to come back and give them a performance that they deserved.  This brought out even louder cheers from fans who would love to see them come again.  During their set they did more sing-a-longs with the crowd than usual to allow Cerulli to perform longer.   Although they put on an amazing set, I felt bad for Cerulli for having to deal with feeling sick while performing and unfortunately the next day he announced that MIW would have to take the night off from the Grand Junction stop the next night.  Luckily for the fans in Salt Lake though we got to see him perform and even though he wasn’t feeling the best he gave us an evening to remember. 
Ice Nine Kills was up next, and I was looking forward to their performance.  Their shows have taken on a theatrical side to them that fits perfectly with their music.  You get to go on a journey through some of the best horror movies ever while listening to the incredible performance that Spencer Charnas and the rest of Ice Nine Kills. Their past two albums, The Silver Scream and Welcome to Horrorwood have been heavily horror influenced and it shows in the performances with homages to classic horror icons Freddy Kruger, Pennywise and Norman Bates.  The crowd sand along and watched the scenes unfold in front of our eyes adding an element to the concert that really makes Ice Nine Kills unique and makes me appreciate them even more.  This was one of the most entertaining sets that I have ever witnessed in the many concerts that I have attended. 
Closing out the night was Black Veil Brides.  The energy in the building had been building all evening and once they come on stage it was it was as if the valve was released and the atmosphere in the venue erupted.  Their set was pure energy from the opening song “Faithless.” The bands have been switching off nights of closing the show so that all three bands get the chance to close the show but I felt that it was perfect having Black Veil Brides close our show.  Listening to Andy Biersack sing was the perfect sendoff to the evening.  I also have always wanted to see Jinxx perform live, so it was an awesome ending to the show and made my night complete.   They ended the night fittingly with their hit “In The End” taking us all on a trip down memory lane to their third album. Seeing these songs performed live made me appreciate them even more.
This was one of the best concerts I have been to and if you have the chance to make it, I would definitely recommend it.  Normally you would have to attend a festival to get acts of this caliber together and this is your chance to see them at venues near you.  Dates are ongoing until their closing date April 27th in Norfolk, VA.

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