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Train at The Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre

August 3, 2023

Monday evening saw San Francisco based pop rock act, Train, come to the picturesque Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre for a show.  The evening turned out to be a pleasant experience for all attendees as the recent heatwave that has been hanging over Utah finally snapped.  Cool air and clouds rolled in and provided a refreshing breeze that was welcomed by the fans as we settled into the iconic venue in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains in Salt Lake City. 

The night began with a solo set from Thunderstorm Artis, which showcased his powerful vocals and had the fans cheering loudly.  Artis made a name for himself back on season 18 of NBC’s The Voice and has been touring and releasing new music since his appearance on the competition show.  His set included his new song “Surprise” which was released earlier this year and the highlight of the set was a sing along on his cover of “Hallelujah.”

When Train took the stage, the fans erupted in cheer and applause that echoed out over the foothills of the city.  Over the course of their set the band delivered a powerful performance showcasing their hits and beloved fan favorites.  Throughout the night vocalist, Pat Monahan, was joined on stage by both his son and daughter for a few duets and both received standing ovations from the fans for their performances. 

During the performance of “Save Me San Francisco” the band added an extra element of fun by throwing out beach balls of all sizes from small to giant into the crowd.  Fans really got into the song singing along and throwing the balls in the air and bouncing them across the crowd.  Seeing the band perform and the light show lighting the fans while they gleefully bounced the beach balls around added to the joyous atmosphere of the evening. 

When it came time for the obligatory walk off before the encore performance, Monahan instead addressed the crowd saying that he was too old for that part and asked instead if we would care if the band just stayed and performed which drew loud roars of approval from the crowd.  As soon as the crowd was done roaring their approval the band launched into a cover of The Eagles hit “Hotel California” which saw the fans roar to life again and start singing along to every word and dancing throughout the song.  In true save the best for last sense, Train closed out the night with their smash hit “Drops of Jupiter.”  Everyone was on their feet swaying to the music singing along which prompted Monahan to ask the crowd if they could feel the love because he could on the stage.  The fans cheered wildly again as Monahan started singing again to finish out the night. 

Overall, the Train concert was a complete success.  The combination of the cool air, clouds, and the most beautiful venue in Utah along with the great music and delightful moments of the show made it an evening to remember.  If they come to a city near you, I would recommend making it to see them.  You can find a full list of dates here.  

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