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Third Eye Blind and Taking Back Sunday Summer Gods Tour

June 29, 2022

Every music lover has an era that they just connect with and love.  Usually, it’s the one you grew up listening to or one that you wished you had lived through.  For me personally it’s the former and 90’s alternative music.  The music from this era just speaks to me in a way that no other has.  One of my favorite bands to come out of this time is Third Eye Blind, whose hits “Semi Charmed Life” and “How’s It Going to Be” defined my late 90’s experience right when I was turning into an adult.  To say I was looking forward to the Summer Gods Tour this past week with Third Eye Blind and Taking Back Sunday would be an understatement. 

The Sandy Amphitheater played host for the Summer Gods Tour bringing two of the most iconic bands from the late 90’s and early aughts to Utah. Third Eye Blind along with Taking Back Sunday and special guests Hockey Dad played a 4-hour nostalgic fueled show that had been circled on my calendar for months.  I arrived later than I wanted to, so I missed out on seeing Hockey Dad perform.  I was pretty bummed out about this because I wanted to see how they were since Third Eye Blind vocalist, Stephan Jenkins, handpicked the band to be on the tour with them.   

Taking Back Sunday was on stage just starting their first song as I ran across the venue to get into the show in the 90-degree heat.  Few things will make me run like I did 20 years ago but it turns out that bands I love from that period will make me turn the clock back to be a 20 something year old again.  After getting into the amphitheater and downing a water bottle I made my way to see the band.  Vocalist, Adam Lazzara, was just starting their second song “Set Phasers to Stun” as I I got settled in and started snapping pictures of the stage and crowd.  Lazzara loves talking to the crowds at their shows and tonight he kept us all engaged with telling stories of their early days before they would jump into a song. The fans in attendance would go wild every time the band started a new song, singing along to hits such as “A Decade Under the Influence” “You’re So Last Summer” and “MakeDamnSure.” One of my favorite parts of the show was watching them perform “Just Us Two” which is their recent collaboration with Steve Aoki.  I loved seeing them perform it, but I also loved seeing that they are still releasing new music which is really great after 20 years and connecting with new fans. 

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived as Third Eye Blind took the stage and jumped right into their 23-song set opening with “Thanks A Lot.”  Looking around the amphitheater and seeing it packed full of fans for the bands 25th anniversary tour brought a smile to my face.  After 25 years in the business a lot of bands don’t have the same drawing power, they once did but looking at the crowd singing along and filling up the venue it’s clear to see that 3EB still holds a special place in a lot of fans hearts.  When the band played “Never Let You Go” and the beginning chords hit the speakers the crowd went wild.  This easily could have been the highlight of the night judging by the fan’s reactions, and it was only the fifth song into the set.  Over the course of the night, they played something from every one of the albums, but the special performances were the ones from the first two albums Third Eye Blind and Blue. Jenkins would talk with the crowd periodically but mostly they spent the night letting their music speak for themselves.  At one point he thanked the crowd for coming out and asked how many of those in attendance were seeing the band for the first time.  I was surprised by how many people were cheering and raising their arms in the air.  Although I was surprised it also brought a smile to my face because it meant the band is still reaching new people and bringing them out to the shows. 

The encore performance of the night saw the band playing “Semi Charmed Life” followed by “How’s it Going to Be.” When “Semi Charmed Life” came on the crowd erupted then sang along to everyone word of the song. In my opinion though they saved the best for last closing the night out with “How’s it Going to Be” This song has always been one of my favorites and closing the night out with it just seemed right to me and for the few minutes the song played I was 22 years old again singing along with a new band I had just discovered and whose music just spoke to me. 

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