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The Struts Remember The Name Tour at The Diamond Ballroom

July 6, 2023

The Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City played host to a new British Invasion this past Thursday night as British Rockers, The Struts, brought their Remember The Name Tour to town.  It was a hot humid night full of rock n roll as fans packed the venue  despite the humid summer atmosphere.  and front man, Luke Spiller, declared it the most “moist” night he has ever performed. 

First up on the night was Detroit rockers, Mac Saturn.  This was my first time seeing them and they were the perfect fit for the tour alongside The Struts.  Mac Saturn exudes a 70’s rock look and persona that blends in funk and some pop tunes into what is an incredible sound.  Vocalist, Carson Macc, kept the crowd going throughout their set backed by the rest of the band, building up the energy that would be unleashed once The Struts hit the stage. 

Once Mac Saturn finished the set and it was time to set the stage, I had time to chat with others in the venue.  Most everyone had seen The Struts perform before but the few that hadn’t been, were told they were in for a great time.  After chatting the lights went down and the crowd screamed out as The Struts strode out onto the stage to a raucous welcome.  After the band got settled and the first notes of “Dirty Sexy Money” hit the speakers the night went full steam ahead and never slowed down after that, and it was steamy.  The packed venue had the crowd sweating in the sweltering humidity but even that couldn’t slow down everyone from enjoying the music. 

In what can only be described as a transcendent performance, Luke Spiller, worked the stage perfectly despite the heat keeping us all entertained.   Throughout the show Spiller played the piano to some slower songs that gave him a much-deserved chance to sit and cool down from running across the stage although he never seemed tired throughout the night.  After the band took their encore break, they came back out and ended the show with a 2-song encore with “Low Key in Love” and their smash hit “Could Have Been Me.”  The crowd seemed to find a resurgence in energy for the encore performance and roared back to life singing along and dancing to the music.

Overall, this concert will be one that I remember for the superb performance and having been the hottest concert I’ve been too.   

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