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Iconic Rock Act Tesla: Keepin it Real at The Peppermill Concert Hall

June 18, 2024

Rock mainstays, Tesla, have been entertaining fans for almost 4 decades.  Their brand of authentic and relatable rock ‘n roll has endured them to their legions of fans and made them one of the most influential rock outfits to hit a stage.  The California based rock group is currently on the road on their aptly named “Keepin’ it Real” tour. 

This past week saw Tesla pull a back-to-back at the Peppermill Concert Hall in Wendover, NV for a sold-out performance both nights.  This venue is one of my favorites to see a show in and when it’s Tesla on stage it’s even better.  The 1000-seat venue makes it feel more intimate with the seating and how close you are no matter where you sit but the sound and production at this venue are top notch. I have seen Tesla perform here before and it’s easily the loudest venue I’ve seen them at.

From the moment the lights went dim and the notes hit the speakers, Tesla had the crowd fired up.  With their song catalog spanning decades the band took us all on a trip down memory lane.  The fact that 1000 people came on back-to-back nights proved that their timeless hits still resonate just as much today as they did when they were written.   Fan favorites “Love Song” “What you Give” and “Signs” get the whole crowd singing along and waving their arms showing everyone the connection that the fans have with the band’s music.  It’s not easy to describe the environment when these songs are played.  It’s more than just listening to the songs, it’s a whole experience where the band and the fans alike both feel what the music means to each other, and it shows in the performance, and you can feel it in the room. 

The band is as polished as ever in their performance.  Some things have changed such as vocalist Jeff Keith’s vocals over the years, but the raspier sound just adds to the show.  Guitarists Frank Hannon and Dave Rude are a sight to see as they work the stage playing side by side holding the audience in thrall.  After so many years together this band has nailed down their act and it’s appreciated by the fans who make it to the shows. 

Overall, watching Tesla on stage again was an emotional and visual experience.  Listening to the songs that have meant so much to so many people and seeing the artists perform them in this intimate setting is an unforgettable experience. It doesn’t matter if you have been a fan from the beginning or just discovered their music in recent years a show like this is sure to leave a lasting memory.

Tesla will be on the road on the “Keepin’ it Real” Tour now through September 25th.  You can find more info and dates here. 

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