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Tesla Brings the Time to Rock Tour to The Peppermill Concert Hall

June 16, 2023

Iconic rock group, Tesla, has been entertaining crowds across the country and over the world for nearly 4o years.  Their anthemic songs have proven to be just as relevant today as they were when they were first released drawing in new fans that have helped keep the band at the forefront of rock music and one of the best live touring bands out there today. 

One week ago today, Tesla brought their current Time to Rock tour to the little town of Wendover, NV.  This show sold out almost as soon as the tickets went on sale with fans from across the surrounding states trying to get the chance to see them live.  The normally quiet town of Wendover typically comes alive on the weekends as people flock to it from Utah for a weekend getaway, but on this night the Peppermill Concert Hall parking lot looked like a tailgate party as fans arrived early and were talking and waiting for doors.  Throughout the crowd and by the door were even more fans searching for someone who would be selling tickets so they might get lucky and see the show. 

Once the doors opened at 8 PM though the party moved inside the venue, with lines forming for merch and drinks.  The crowd slowly made their way inside to the seating area and once the lights dimmed and the big TESLA sign lit up on the LED screen behind the stage the fans roared to life.  The night started off with “Lady Luck” and then jumped into a sing along of “Modern Day Cowboy” between vocalist Jeff Keith and the crowd. 

The night had all the signs of a classic rock concert.  Guitar solos featuring Frank Hannon and Dave Rude plus a few where they were joined by bassist Brian Wheat, had the fans cheering and pumping their fists into the air.  We also had amazing drum solos from touring drummer, Steve Brown, who did not stop smiling throughout the whole show.  One of the highlights of the night was when the band performed their new single “Time to Rock” which fans loved.  It’s a welcome site to see a band such as Tesla releasing a new song and having it accepted by both new and old fans and keeping Tesla going.

When the time came for the obligatory walk off before the encore, Keith told the crowd they had a few more songs to sing but they would leave it up to the crowd if we wanted to hear them before they walked off to the side stage.  For the brief break before they came back onstage the venue turned into one of the loudest, I have been in with everyone cheering and then screaming tesla at the top of their lungs. The night closed out with a trio of hits with everyone singing along to “Love Song” “Little Suzi” and closing out with “Signs.”    

The night ended with fans leaving with smiles on their faces and talking about how the show stacked up against other ones they had been to. Numerous people could be heard saying the show was just as good as the first time they seen them live.  I definitely recommend seeing Tesla if they come anywhere near you.  Their shows are always full of good times and high energy that leaves you wanting more the moment its over. 

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