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Tenacious D Bring the Best Show in the World to The Sandy Amphitheater

June 22, 2022

The World’s Most Awesome Band, Tenacious D, took Salt Lake City by storm this past week as they played a sold-out show at The Sandy Amphitheater.   The Jack Black and Kyle Gass comedy rock project played a hilarious, high energy, adult themed set that the band has become known for.

Opening the night was Puddle’s Pity Party, which complimented the nights headliners perfectly.  Puddles is a singing sensation.  A sad clown that sings covers and entertains the crowd through his sadness and somehow gets people to see that it’s ok to feel however they do, got them in the mood for the greatest band in the world.  Puddles entertaining set featured air guitars and even an air drum performer that delighted the crowd.  After Puddles was finished with his set I walked around listening to fans in the crowd.  I heard lots of people talking about how they were pleasantly surprised. In one attendee’s words, “I wasn’t expecting much out of Puddles, but he killed it.” He definitely got the crowd going and in the mood for the rock show that awaited us once The D took the stage.

Finally, “The D” took the stage and took us on an operatic, comedic, rock trip through a 21 song set for the next hour and a half. The night consisted of their classic concert skits such as The Rockorcism, where they exorcise the demon out of Cage. The “Sax-A-Boom”, and the tribute to the Roadies for the single “Roadie.” 

During the show, the elevation did get to Black who had to stop and take a “Rock Star” water break to help him get acclimated and then talked about how they loved the mountains and surrounding area. The fans went wild when Black mentioned that they had to start coming here more. After the water break the show was full on rock the rest of the night to the delight of the fans. They played through fan favorites “Kielbassa”, “Tribute” and for the last song of the night they played “… Her Gently.” The crowd loved it and sang along to this hit, and I couldn’t help but laugh and think about what people in the surrounding area though about being serenaded by those in attendance singing the classic vulgar Tenacious D hit. Once it was over the band bowed and walked off stage with their arms in the air as the fans cheered them all the way until the last band member was off the stage.

This was a concert for the books, after all it’s not every night you get to see the greatest band in the world perform the greatest song in the world.

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