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Photos courtesy of TAS Rights Management

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour at Empower Field

July 19, 2023

Review by: Ivee Sheridan

Denver, July 14th 8:00pm sharp, a large old style clock digitally displayed on the jumbotron
counted down the seconds before Miss Taylor Swift took the stage. But that is not when and
where the night began. Over 73,000 fans, many dressed in Taylor Eras fashion, flew, drove,
walked, rode, and even skipped into the Empower Field stadium. Local Denver radio stations
boasted that this was a record breaking event, not only for the number of fans attending, but also
for doing two shows in a row at the Empower Stadium.

The tour entitled Eras, not only aptly described the musical selection, but also the fans. Concert
goers ranged from toddler to senior citizens. Families enjoyed the show together, many men
sporting “concert Dad” or Concert husband t-shirts were supporting their “Swifties”. Of course
groups of ladies in sequins and glitter swarmed the arena.

The musical sounds from the band, Taylor and the screaming fans went far beyond the confines
of the stadium. Tay-gators littered the grounds outside the arena. Security and ushers did their
best to ensure everyone enjoyed their experience. Swift gives her all during the three and half
hour performance taking time for breaks only for costume changes and the occasional speech.
She makes all 131 concerts unique by adding two surprise songs to every setlist with no
repetition so far. At night one in Colorado fans were lucky enough to hear her sing one of her
first released songs. “Picture to Burn” and the debut performance of her newly released love
song, “Timeless”. The night ended with fireworks bursting in the sky and confetti and magic in
the air, it truly was a once on a lifetime experience.

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