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Steel Panther Rocks The Depot in Salt Lake City

April 26, 2024

This past Monday saw music fans in Salt Lake City, Utah transported back to better times with even better music as glam metal rockers, Steel Panther transported us all back to 1987.  The Hair metal act, along with special guests, Stitched Up Heart, made a stop at The Depot for the On The Prowl Tour. 

For many of us in the venue it was a trip down memory lane reminiscing about the old 80’s rock and hair metal glory days and the other Steel Panther shows we had been to.  For the first timers who hadn’t followed the band and were dragged along by a friend I can only imagine what they thought of the show.  Seeing a Steel Panther show is like being transported back to the 80’s hair metal scene but with everything being turned up even more extravagant including the hairdo’s spandex and ripped denim. 

Although Steel Panthers’ reputation for being a comedy or parody band precedes them, those first timers were in for a treat as the band is also made up of top tier musicians.  Their live performances prove that they are more than just the running joke of 80’s excess and nostalgia.  Their songs are some of the catchiest songs out there and will live rent free in your head after you listen to them.  Vocalist, Michael Starr’s vocals are still as powerful as ever which shine through on the songs and the in between banter with the band and audience in between songs.  Lead guitarist, “Satchel,” is one of the best guitarists still working the stage and the 80’s era treats us all to his prowess on the guitar with his jaw-dropping solos. 

Although the music is what draws people into the band, half of the show is the banter that the fans get to see and participate in as well.  The running jokes give an extra element to the night.  The 80’s obsession with video vixens is on full display at a Steel Panther show as they invite girls from the audience up to the stage to dance around while they perform reminding us of a bygone era when MTV still played music video and 80’s rock rules the television music channels. 

For fans of 80’s music and Glam metal, Steel Panthers performance was one for the books.   They proved that while the band and jokes poke fun of the past, that the band truly loves the era that inspired them, and that love keeps our love of 80’s glam metal alive also.  Overall, it was an unforgettable night that took us to another time when hair was big, clothes were ripped, and music was loud and fun. 

For dates and where to see Steel Panther click here.

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