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STARSET Demonstration at The Complex

May 30, 2022

Futuristic space themed rockers, STARSET, brought their Demonstration to Salt Lake City this past Saturday, May 28th, with a stop at The Complex along with special guests Smash Into Pieces, Fame on Fire, and RED.  

One of my favorite things about going to shows is finding new music and bands to listen to.  It's always nice to discover a new band and become a fan which is what happened when Swedish Rockers, Smash Into Pieces opened the show.  Theme wise they fit in perfect with STARSET as their latest albums have been a continuation of a futuristic story being told. Their electro rock sound also was the perfect way to open the show.  After their set I immediately added them to my playlist and will be following them hoping to catch them again in the future.  

Up next was a band that I have been listening to a lot recently, Fame On Fire.  Their song "Plastic Heart," especially the acoustic version, has been a favorite of mine recently.  I was excited to see them play live and although they didn't play the acoustic version it was pretty cool to hear that song live.  Singer, Bryan Kuznitz, was full of energy as he moved around on stage getting the crowd going and when they did their Linkin Park cover of "Numb" the crowd lost it. 

Nashville based rockers RED came up next and the crowd started cheering nonstop and singing along with vocalist, Michael Barnes, the moment they hit the stage. RED always puts on an amazing show and this was no exception. Although it was a shorter set I loved getting the opportunity to catch them live again. 

Finally, the moment everyone was here for came.  Once the curtain dropped and the demonstration began it was pure energy the rest of the night.  STARSET are known for their show and they pulled out all the stops for this one. The band came out wearing post apocalyptic garb for the first half of the demonstration, which looked like it was right out of the DUNE movies. The lights and lasers for the show were enhanced but the fog cannons that were going off which lit up the stage and helped give the demonstration an other-worldly feel.  Singer, Dustin Bates, gave a captivating vocal performance despite not being 100 percent.  He apologized to the fans about not being able to hit certain notes and thanked us for singing along and helping him out when he needed it.  In between songs he engaged the crowd thanking everyone for coming and talking about how the STARSET fans are some of the best and most accepting and wide variety fans there are.  He asked how many were metal fans, how many were nerds and each time he asked different crowds would cheer.  In the middle of the set there was a brief break while the band changed costumes and when they came back out they were in their astronaut type attire.  Bassist, Ron DeChant, and guitarist, Brock Richard, came out in astronaut helmets and with fog cannons attached to them that would go off throughout the performance. This helped with the space theme and made it look as if they had boosters on them and added to the demonstrations experience.  This was visually overall one of the best shows I have been to in a while.  Even though it was held at a mid sized venue the experience of it rivaled what you would see at a stadium show. 

STARSET will continue on their tour now through now through July 14th with a few festival dates after the tours end.  If you have the chance be sure to catch them on tour and experience the demonstration for yourself. 

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