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STARSET Brings Immersion: The Final Chapter to Salt Lake City

April 24, 2024

Immersive cinematic rock group, STARSET, has been on the road with their Immersion: The Final Chapter Tour.  This tour marks the end of this era that STARSET is in now and will see them transition into a new era in their storytelling.  This past Sunday fans of the group flocked to The Complex in Salt Lake City to see their show and partake in the closing of this chapter in what turned out to be their biggest demonstration in Utah yet.  Everyone who attended were treated to a show that rivaled any other stage performance out there and a visual spectacle to close out the era. 

STARSET went all out on this demonstration with vocalist, Dustin Bates, reminding everyone that the last time they were in Salt Lake City he promised the next time they came they would put on their biggest show yet.  True to his word this show went all out.  At the front of the stage there were hologram projectors that played throughout the first three quarters of the night adding to the experience.  They projected lyrics and words and then images and designs that added to the immersive nature of the demonstrations.  In between songs the LED screens behind the band would play different clips telling their storyline and adding yet another layer to the show. 

The band performed in their trademark futuristic stage outfits while smoke and lasers gave the stage a dystopian feel and futuristic vibe.  The band performed seamlessly moving across the stage and around all the additional elements on stage like a well-oiled machine giving one of the best performances that I have seen them give.  For a band that’s known to have one of the most immersive setups and best live performances they took it to a new level that had us all in awe. 

Overall, the concert was a night for the books with everyone loving the show and many of the fans in attendance having been to multiple stops on this tour already and planning on seeing more.  The devotion that STARSET puts in their music, storytelling and building an experience for their fans was on full display tonight.  If you have the chance to see them on this run then make every effort to catch the show.  It’s one you don’t want to miss. 

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