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Smash into Pices Rocks The Metro Music Hall

May 8, 2024

Over the past few years, the Swedish Electro/Rock act, Smash into Pieces, has been building quite the fan base.  Between competing in music competitions and touring the world their music has been reaching fans all over.  In the last few years, they have gained quite a following in the US touring in 2022 with Starset and their first US headlining tour last year with Citizen Soldier.  The band has kept the momentum going as they are out on the road again on another North American headlining tour with Wisconsin based Metalcore act, Versus Me as direct support.  This past week saw Smash into Pieces make a stop in Salt Lake City at The Metro Music Hall on The Manifest Tour.

Kicking the night off were local rockers, NVM Worldwide who got the night started off with some bangers right out of the gate that got the crowd ready for the night ahead.  By the time Versus Me took the stage the crowd was all warmed up and ready to go.  The last time Versus Me graced a stage here in Utah was back in 2016 and the fans were showing their appreciation for finally having them make the journey back.  Song after song had the crowd singing or screaming along with vocalist James Milbrandt as he strode across the stage banging his head and belting out some serious screams.  If there was any indication of how much fun everyone was having during this set all they needed to do was look at the stage and see the grin that was plastered across drummer JJ Johnson’s face.  From start to finish he never stopped smiling the entire time.

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for arrived as the lights went down and a masked figure took the stage.  As the Apocalypse drummer made his way to the drum set the crowd sent up a cheer that vibrated the venue.  As the laser lights came on the rest of Smash into Pieces took the stage and started playing the opening song.  Fittingly the opening song was their single “Flow” from their latest album Ghost Code.  The setlist was a mix of their older songs along with a mixture of new singles with the crowd already singing along to the new music.  Midway through the set the band walked off as the Apocalypse Drummer stood motioning to the crowd and then broke into a drum solo.  As he played the visuals were just as captivating as the music was. The lights and lasers going off played along with the LED mask that he wears giving us all a laser light show while he played away for the crowd.  At the end of the solo the crowd roared their approval as the band strode back onto the stage again keeping the night going.  At the end of the night before the final song vocalist Chris Adam took the time to thank the crowd and the bands for all being a part of the night and promising that they would return here again, and they would be selling out the venue in the future which everyone cheered in agreement and approval.  Smash into Pieces closed the night out with a performance of “Six Feet Under.”

Smash into pieces will continue hitting cities across the US through June 1st when they close the tour in Harrisburg, PA.  For dates and info click here. 

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