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Set It Off Brings The Dopamine Tour to The Depot

May 26, 2023


Set it Off brought The Dopamine Tour to The Depot in Salt Lake City this week along with special guests Rivals, In Her Own Words and Scene Queen.  The pop/rock group along with their guests brought downtown alive as the perfect storm of pop/rock/punk music washed over the depot and fans in attendance.

First off on the night was LA based rockers, Rivals.  The band wasted no time in getting the crowd moving with front woman Kalie Wolfe, showcasing her powerhouse vocals and captivating presence.  Although their set was on the short side, being the first of four bands on the night, they made their presence felt.  The fans loved every minute of their set, singing along and cheering the band on.  Hopefully they will make it back soon on a headlining set. 

In Her Own Words were up next keeping the party going with their upbeat pop punk hits.  Vocalist Joey Fleming belted out their songs along with the audience in a set that was a big sing along most of the time.  It was the perfect segway for what was to come.

Next up on stage was Scene Queen.  Her set was full of catchy hooks and impressive beats that had the whole venue vibing and singing along with every song.  True to her nature though Scene Queen took the time to be outspoken throughout her set urging the crowd to get involved in political matters telling everyone that there was no time better than the present to get involved.  She spoke about Trans rights which are basic human rights and how to help the cause.  The crowd loved her outspokenness just as much as they loved hit after hit that was performed throughout the set.  It was an incredible set and a perfect send off for the Queen who was on her last night on the Dopamine Tour.  I have no doubt we will be seeing more of her judging by the crowd and how much recognition she has been receiving.  Fans in Utah will welcome her back with open arms which was a good thing after she told the crowd she was worried what reception she would get here.  Judging by the screaming and adoration the fans had for her it seemed a very welcome one.

Next up was Set It Off who took the stage in the same manner that a storm hits the area.  The nights energy had been building with every band and just like a storm reaches its peak, the night did as soon as Set It Off came on the stage and Cody Carson started to sing.  The band had an energy that seemed to spill out across the audience who hit their second wind and came even more alive than they had throughout the night.  The set had everything from Carson crowd walking out onto the crowd being held aloft to drummer, Maxx Danziger, giving a drum solo the likes of which would rival any drummer out there today.  The drum solo will be a point I am talking about years from now when people ask about my favorite concert moments.  Other highlights were Rivals vocalist, Kalie Wolfe joining the band on stage to perform “Partners in Crime” and the performance of “The Haunting” which was my favorite song of the night.

Overall, the night was filled and overfilled again with so much energy and pop/punk music and emotions.  When we left the venue, it was a cathartic experience, with myself and I’m sure everyone else feeling happy and cleansed after singing along and letting the music wash over us.  I cannot wait for the next time Set it Off comes to town. 

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