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Red Hot Chili Peppers Get Things Rocking at The Utah First Credit Union Amphitheatre

June 10, 2024

Temperatures across Utah climbed into the 90’s last week as a heat dome crept across most of the country.  Despite the higher-than-normal temperatures and sweltering heat making things uncomfortable a crowd of 25,000 people packed the Utah First Credit Union Amphitheatre to capacity last Wednesday to watch alt/rock legends The Red Hot Chili Peppers kick of the first rock show of the season at the newly renamed amphitheater.

Jazz duo DOMi + JD Beck opened the night doing their best to get the crowd moving.  The choice of openers was a little unusual I thought, which was also echoed by a lot of people in attendance.  Then again, they might have been the perfect pairing for the Chili Peppers since they themselves had never been predictable. 

After the stage changeover and the sun going down it was time for the main event with drummer Chad Smith, bassist Flea and guitarist John Frusciante walking out onto stage to the roar of the crowd and opening the show with an impressive instrumental number.  After the band got things going front man Anthony Kiedis strode out onto stage which led to even more roaring approval. One thing was clear from the reception and the energy just from the walk out, we were in for one heck of a night.

The first song right out of the gate was the banger “Can’t Stop” which was the perfect choice as 25,000 fans couldn’t stop rocking for the rest of the night.  After watching the opening number, we were all reminded of just how talented this band is.  Watching Flea and Frusciante play off each other during the instrumentals was a sight to see.  It’s not every day you see two of the best who have been making music for over 40 years live on stage and we all know what a privilege it was to see them playing here and now. 

Frontman Kiedis did his best to entertain the crowd even flipping his shirt over his head and dancing and signing as he has come to be known to do.  Of course, the visual entertainment mostly came from Flea though as the bassist strode around the stage giving heavy riffs, dancing the night away shirtless and even throwing some handstands in and walking across the stage on his hands for good measure. 

The show was far from the crazy energy packed sets that the Red Hot Chile Peppers were known for in their younger days but for all of us there it was an unforgettable experience, nonetheless.  It transported a lot of us back in time to being teenagers again and reignited that feeling we had when we first heard the Chili Peppers and reminded us all why we fell in love with this band and still love them just the same if not more now that it’s 40 years later. 


You can catch the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the road now for the rest of the Unlimited Love Tour before it wraps up on July 30th in St Louis, MO.  For more info click here. 

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