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 Nothing More Rock The Depot on The Spirits 2023 Tour

April 21, 2023

Grammy Nominated rock group Nothing More returned to Salt Lake City Wednesday night igniting The Depot for a sold out stop on their Spirits Tour.  Joining them on the stop were up and coming California rockers Thousand Below and fellow Texas rock act Crown the Empire. 

Thousand Below opened the night up and got things going right away for the crowd.  Having the crowd already be in the mood for what was to come surely helped but as they played the crowd got more energetic with each song. 

Next up on the night were Crown the Empire who along with Nothing More happens to be a Utah favorite.  This is the third time in under a year both bands have visited here and each time they pack the house.  From the moment Crown the Empire took the stage the crowd was rocking full steam ahead.  Vocalist, Andy Leo, wasted no time in getting the energy in the venue turned up another notch launching directly into the title track off their latest album “DOGMA.” From here on out their set was filled with crowd surfers, mosh pits and headbanging. 

Next up was the moment we all came for.  As the lights dimmed, the crowd roared to life as Nothing More took the stage.  This for piece band plays one of the most energetic shows you will ever see.  Vocalist, Jonny Hawkins, brings a passion to the stage that is unmatched by just about any other frontman out there.  The rest of the band is just as energetic also with guitarists Mark Vollelunga (lead) and Daniel Oliver (bass) riffing across the stage and drummer Ben Anderson hammering the drums and laying the groundwork for an unforgettable evening of music. 

The night’s setlist included a handful of songs from their latest album, Spirits with the songs connecting with the crowd especially the single “Face It” which got a screaming ovation from the fans when it was played.  The rest of the set was fan favorites with hits like “Jenny” and “Fade In/Fade Out” being some of my personal favorites.  It was the perfect mix of new and old and my only wish is the set would have gone longer than 15 songs but those 15 songs were one of the best nights at a concert I’ve had.

Overall, Nothing More’s performance is a captivating performance.  Visually, their production is one of the best although on this night the famous Scorpion Tail that Hawkins usually plays broke. Aside from that, Hawkins was his usual self, spinning and jumping around the stage in his signature shirtless style.  Playing the drums out in the crowd and singing along with the audience with them singing into the microphone.  Their sets are nothing short of an epic display of rock music which always blows away the fans in attendance.  Nothing More proved once again why they are so beloved in Utah and are such a force on the national rock scene. 

You can see Nothing More on The Spirits Tour now through May 27th when the tour wraps up in East Moline, IL.  For ticket and date info click here. 

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