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Niko Moon Brings The Better Days Tour to The Union Event Center

April 16, 2024

Rising country star Niko Moon, is known for having good times and feel-good songs.  This past Friday he reminded Salt Lake City just how much fun it is at his shows when he performed his blend of pop-country feel good music to a packed house at The Union Event Center in Salt Lake City, along with special guest Redferrin.

Redferrin opened the show with the crowd just as excited for his performance as they were for Niko Moon.  The only hiccup in the set came about four songs in when Redferrin stopped the performance to ask what was going on in the crowd when security went running out.  When it was revealed two people were fighting Redferrin said kick them out, reminding everyone he only had 30 minutes for his set and the people paid for a show and that he worked hard to give them one.  This resulted in a cheer from the crowd and the rest of the set went off without a hitch. 

After the break in between sets the anticipation in the crowd kept growing until the lights went down and Moon hit the stage.  The rising country star walked out with his trademark hat and smile plastered across his face as he addressed the crowd telling them how good it was to be back in Salt Lake City. 

Throughout the night Moon would take a few moments here and there to connect with the crowd in between songs.  His new album deals with mental health and how there are Better Days ahead just as the title states. As he shared his experiences with about this issue with the crowd the fans cheered to him with people being able to relate and connect with Moon’s message about personal struggles.  Another stand-out moment was when Moon asked everyone in the crowd if they wanted to be in his live video for his cover of “Fishing in the Dark” by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  A roar went through the crowd with Moon smiling and dancing around the stage as the crowd sang along with him to every word. 

As the night drew to a close, moon finshed the show with his smash single “Good Time,” leaving the audience with a final burst of energy and the memory of an unforgettable show. 

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