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Melissa Etheridge plays The Sandy Amphitheater and reminds us She's the Only One.

August 10, 2021

Article and Pictures by Paul Tefertiller

Musical legend Melissa Etheridge kicked off her 2021 tour at The Sandy Amphitheater in Utah this past Saturday night.  Etheridge gave the fans exactly what they had been wanting also, a concert set full of emotion, hits, love and grit in a two hour performance that had everyone on their feet dancing and filled with emotions.

Fans were talking and visiting with friends in a concert setting for the first time in over a year when the familiar sound of music kicking off the show had everyone get to their feet with anticipation.  Once the music rand from the speakers the crowd came alive and Etheridge walked out to the stage with a rock stars greeting in her return to Utah.  

The night included many of her top hits including favorites such as "I Want to Come Over," "I'm The Only One," and "Come to My Window." along with newer songs from her latest album "The Medicine Show."  Etheridge told the crowd this tour she wanted to give fans a custom show every night and she would be choosing albums to highlight in her sets each night and for the Utah stop it was her newest album and the first "Melissa Etheridge" that got the special attention.  ​

During her set Melissa talked about how some of the songs that made her latest album had been written long ago but she hadn't felt comfortable putting them on albums before.  "The world wasn't as beautiful as it is now'" she told the crowd with the reasonings as to why she felt comfortable taking control and putting the songs out.  She talked about love and the fans cheered her on for it.  You could see the love flowing freely from musician to her fans and the fans returning it to the performer.  It was definitely a beautiful sight to see.  

My personal favorite moment of the show was watching the connection and the sing along with "I'm the Only One," once she started to play.  The night was filled with love and words to a classic song and then came the incredible encore performance of "Like the Way I Do"  Once the show was over fans clapped and gave an ovation to a legend that was deserving of it and everyone had a little more love in the heart after this show.  

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