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Image by: Jim Trocchio

Matchbox Twenty Returns to Salt Lake City

June 6, 2023

Matchbox Twenty finally returned to Salt Lake City to play a concert that was three years in the making.  Originally planned for 2020 the show was postponed due to the COVID pandemic and rescheduled for June of 2022 but was rescheduled again.  The third time was a charm though, as the concert was a momentous occasion for both the band and fans alike. 

Original support act, The Wallflowers, were not able to play the rescheduled dates but Matt Nathanson was able to and was featured support at this date.  His set was on the smaller side but featured song after song that everyone recognized although they might not have known who sang it.  I heard numerous people comment “I love this song, now I know who sings it,” when he played his smash hit “Come on Get Higher.”

After the break the crowd started chanting in anticipation of seeing the band, we had all waited three years to see.  When the lights came on and the music hit the speakers the venue erupted in a cheer.  Like all good things that come to those who wait, this show was no exception.  Matchbox Twenty took us all on a two-hour nostalgic trip which showcased all of the fan favorites and also had new music thrown in from their new album, Where the Light Goes, which is the first new album from the band in over a decade. 

Fans were treated to the new music right out of the gate as the band opened the evening with “Friends” from the new album before jumping into fan favorites.  The night alternated from new to classic hits giving everyone something to listen to no matter the era you liked best. 

Throughout the night, vocalist Rob Thomas, kept remarking on how incredible it was that the venue was packed even with the show having been delayed for three years.  This was a testament to the bands popularity and staying power and the magic of it all wasn’t lost on the band who thanked everyone numerous times for being there through all the wait. 

The performance itself was nothing short of spectacular as Thomas’s vocals kept everyone in the amphitheater singing along to every song.  With every song the energy kept building up to the powerful encore which saw the band perform four of their biggest hits.  They came back out to the stage and launched into “3 AM” followed by “Unwell” and then right into my personal favorite “Push.” The last song of the night was a giant sing along to “Bright Lights” where everyone fans in the venue spilled their emotions out in song.  It was a magical site and one that fans had waited years to experience and it was worth the wait. 

Images provided by: Jim Trocchio

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