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Lindsey Stirling Brings The Snow Waltz to The Maverik Center

December 21, 2022

Now that the Christmas season has passed, I finally had a chance to sit down and appreciate it.  One of the experiences that I was thankful for was the opportunity to see Lindsey Stirling perform again.  I had seen here a few years before when she was on tour with Evanesence and her performance left me in awe.  

This time around I would be watching her perform a more scaled down performance for the holidays during her Snow Waltz Tour.  Although the venue and production were smaller than the last time her performance was just as good if not better.  

Throughout the night, Stirling would dance across the stage performing choreography with ease while playing the violin.  Watching her perform these dance moves is impressive on its own but seeing her do it while playing the violin always leaves me in wonder.  I can only imagine all of the time she takes practicing to perfect her routine.

Stirling rose to fame by being a social media expert which she has continued.  Any fan of Lindsey's knows she loves to make Tik Tok videos which she has started doing at her


concerts lately.  At this show she spent some time out in the audience making videos with her fans in which she had some people in the audience play the violin.  There were some talented violinists that got selected to play along with her also.  The end result was a funny video where Lindsey is on the stage and the audience is looking around at all of these other talented violinists in the audience playing and Lindsey gives up and walks off.  Not only was it entertaining but it made the night of some lucky audience members who were chosen to participate and got to interact with Stirling.  

Some of the fans favorite parts of the shows was where Lindsey would speak to the crowd and tell us personal stories.  SOme she shared of what the songs meant to her, about her father, and believing in yourself.  These stories would connect with her fans and every time she shared one the audience would cheer and agree with what she said.  It's easy to see the special connection she has with her fans and why she is adored across the country and over the world.  Her concert embodied the spirit of Christmas and helped spread that love with everyone who was in attendance.  

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