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Lacuna Coil at The Complex

May 18, 2023

Salt Lake City was ablaze with metal music this past Monday night as The Complex played host to international metal act, Lacuna Coil along with guests Edge of Paradise, Blind Channel and The Birthday Massacre.  Fans packed the venue with the crowd spilling outside of The Grand and into the common areas as everyone awaited the Italian Metal masters to hit the stage. 

Edge of Paradise started the night off and were up to the challenge of getting the crowd going.  Vocalist, Margarita Monet, is a natural on the stage and her presence there matched perfectly with her vocals that demanded our attention.  I found myself flipping through their social channels after the show which is always a good thing when hearing a band for the first time, and I look forward to seeing them back in Utah in the future.

Blind Channel was up next on the night and the crowd erupted into a cheer when the Finnish Nu Metal act hit the stage.  Their set was one of pure energy from the beginning until the very end.  The crowd was jumping up and down and singing along to the songs from the high octane set. 

 The Birthday Massacre came to the stage next as the final opening act.  Their wide range of music genres had a little something for everyone in the crowd.  The mix of their goth/synth-pop/alt music was showcased through the set as they played a mix of fan favorites and newer songs.  I am sure the crowd would have loved for them to go on longer than they did but once their set was don’t the chants began for Lacuna Coil and the energy in the venue went higher.

As soon as the lights dimmed and then went to red, the crowd erupted into cheers as Lacuna Coil took the stage.  Once they started playing the opening song “Blood, Sweat, Tears” the fans roared to life as vocalist Andrea Ferro’s harsh vocals got everyone worked up and Cristina Scabbia’s piercing vocals sent Chills down the fan’s spines. 

Throughout the night the band played 17 songs delivering fan favorites and newly reconstructed hits off the Comalies XX album.  The fans loved hearing these songs done in the new takes and revisiting them in an updated way.  It was like meeting a friend again after being apart years and seeing how they have changed yet are still the same and the bands enthralling performance brought that experience to life for us all. 

Overall, the night was one to remember with the showmanship and music from the band giving us all an incredible experience.  Looking around I saw people singing and experiencing it and a few people crying getting caught up in the moment and emotions overtaking them.  The bands energetic stage presence and the powerful vocals left us all wanting more and leaving an undeniable impression on us and reminding everyone once again why Lacuna Coil is one of the most beloved metal bands out there today. 

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