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Joe Samba Joins Pepper on the 20 Years of Kona Town Tour

March 3, 2023

Rising Reggae star, Joe Samba, has been having quite the time recently.  The New Hampshire based musician has racked up an impressive 8 Million streams so far and last year released his sophomore album, “Far From Forever.” The latest offering off this album is his single “Boomer Economy” which was just released as a video a little over a month ago.  To top it all off Samba is currently out on the road with fellow Reggae musicians Pepper on their 20 Years of Kona Town Tour.

Samba and Pepper recently made a stop in Salt Lake City on the tour to perform at The Complex.  Fans were in for a treat as Samba opened the concert and showcased his blend of rock, pop and reggae for the fans.  The highlight of his set was the single “Create Something” which has become a fan favorite since it’s release.  It’s a feel-good song that’s meant to inspire us to create something in our life that brings us happiness.  In Joe’s case it’s his musical talents which he tells us in the song “It’s an energy release I can’t describe It fills my soul with freedom when I write the perfect line.”  Fans also gave “Boomer Economy” a warm reception also which sees Samba mix in more of the rock sound in the music.

Overall fans seemed to love Samba’s sound letting me know when I asked what they thought.  For a majority of the fans in attendance it was their first time seeing Samba but most told me they look forward to following him and seeing him if he comes back.  I for one look forward to seeing him come through Utah again possibly on a headlining tour of his own.  Until then fans can stream his music and catch him at a few different festivals this year including Reggae Rise Up Florida and Cali Roots Festival.

Up Next on the night was Pepper whose high energy set had the venue in party mode.  The energy in the venue went up another notch once Pepper took the stage and fans kept it there the whole night grooving to their music and the awesome production.  The lighting, sound and production of the show was akin to something that you would see in an arena setting. 

The night consisted of hit after hit as the band celebrated the 20th anniversary of their iconic Kona Town album which has become a must listen in the Rock/Reggae community.

Pepper and Joe Samba will be on the road through March 26th when the tour ends in Albuquerque, NM.  Tickets and dates can be found here. 

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