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GOV'T MULE At The Iconic Red Butte Gardens

June 16, 2023

Grammy nominated rockers, Gov’t Mule, made a stop in Utah recently to play at the states iconic Red Butte Gardens Amphitheater.  What would have been a great night just seeing Mule or attending a show at Red Butte, turned into the perfect night when you combined the two. 

Gov’t Mule played two sets that spanned 3 hours for the Evening with Gov’t Mule at the amphitheater.  If you have never been to a Gov’t Mule show before it’s just like a bog ole family reunion.  Everyone there is excited to see the band just like you would be excited to see your relatives you haven’t seen in quite a while.  The atmosphere at their shows is full of love and good vibes also which fit in perfectly with the venue.  The amphitheater is nestled up against the mountains with flower gardens surrounding the stage, so it seems as if you’re watching a concert in a nature valley in the mountains.  This scenery made the night even more special. 

The first of the two sets opened with “Traveling Tune” and spanned another 8 songs before the intermission after the first set.  Throughout it all fans were dancing around in their tie-dyed shirts and grooving to the music.  Even though the sun was bearing down on us everyone was loving just being in the moment listening to the music and seeing such mastery from Warren Haynes live and in person.  It’s not every day you get to see an icon performing mere feet from you. 

After 8 songs the band took a break, and the sun went down which made it a little chilly in the mountain air.  It was a good thing that we didn’t have long to wait before the band came back on for the second set of the night and had us all moving again which warmed us up.  This second set was nothing short of a good old fashioned rock show.  The stage lights went on and throughout the night were treated to some of the best musicianship out there today.  Some sweet guitar riffs, a drum solo from Matt Abts that had us all pumping our fists and, on our feet, and a stage production second to none. 

Overall, the evening with Gov’t Mule was nothing short of spectacular.  It had something for everyone whether you wanted the more grooving and calmer first set or the rock concert experience of the second.  I overheard many people talk about the experience as we left the venue with lots of fans saying they loved every minute of the show and already asking when they would make it back here again. 

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