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LIT and Everclear Rock The Shoshone Bannock Casino

April 26, 2023

The Shoshone Bannock casino was transformed into a 90’s rock haven recently as two of the heavyweights from that era performed on stage.  Fans of all ages filled the auditorium of the casino on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation ready for a night of listening to nostalgic 90’s rock anthems that were soon to be brought back to life on the stage.

LIT kicked off the night with crowd favorites and newer hits off of their recently released album “Tastes Like Gold.” Their set was filled with electric guitar solos, sing-alongs with the crowd and enough energy to raise the roof off of the casino.  The band kept the crowd on their feet throughout the entirety of their set giving everyone a  time jump back to our youth when we could all dance the night away carelessly while listening music without a care in the world.  They closed out their set with the smash hit “My Own Worst Enemy” which saw everyone in the venue move as close to the stage as possible as front man Ajay Popoff moved around singing and stopping to take selfies with fans. 

Everclear took the stage soon after with a captivating performance that had everyone screaming for more.  Although the performance isn’t what it was in the band’s heyday, with more subdued movements across the stage, they gave the fans a treat as they played hit after hit with singer, Art Alexakis, delivering the alt rock anthems that we all grew up on.  Without the jumping around and movements it showcased the vocals and music more which is what we all fell in love with in the first place and it was great to hear these songs performed live again. 

As the show wrapped up Everclear closed it out with their biggest hit, “Santa Monica” which had the whole venue dancing and singing along.  As they closed the song and took a bow you could feel the energy in the air after their unforgettable performance. 

Overall the concert at the Shoshone Bannock Casino was a great experience for anyone who was lucky enough to attend as both bands proved that despite how long they have been around their music continues to resonate with their fans.  Their music continues to be just as relevant now as it did when the bands first came out and were the driving force of the music scene. 

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