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Daughtry: Dearly Beloved Tour at The Complex

Music fans were in for a treat this past Monday night as rocker Chris Daughtry brought his Dearly Beloved tour to The Complex in Salt Lake City.  Daughtry along with special guests Lyell and Tremonti put on a classic rock show for the fans who came out to see them.


Lyell opened the show, and she was impressive in her performance.  She looked like a natural on the stage playing for the crowd and even engaged the fans like a seasoned pro getting everyone worked up for an awesome night of music. 

Next up on the stage was Tremonti.  This band is exciting to watch on the stage.  The band is named after founder Mark Tremonti and if you know who he is then you know you’re in for an exciting show.  If you haven’t heard of his then his credentials should speak for themselves.  Regarded as one of the best touring musicians out there Tremonti is a multi-platinum artist and has won numerous “Guitarist of the Year awards.”  Seeing him perform on stage it is easy to see why. Yo9u don’t think of the awards that he has won while you’re watching the performance though you are just riveted watching one of the best go to work and display his talents for those in attendance.  The band played a near perfect set with Tremonti’s voice bringing the show home with a more edgy feel.

After Tremonti finished their set and the stage was being changed fans started crowding closer to the stage in anticipation of the night’s headliners, Daughtry.  When the lights went down and the neon sign of Dearly Beloved lit up the stage the audience erupted in a cheer as the band came out on the stage.  Once the opening chords of desperation hit the speakers the crowd was in full swing and ready to rock the night away.  This show was heavier on the sound with the majority of the songs coming from the Dearly Beloved album which has a heavy rock sound to it.  Daughtry engaged with the fans throughout the night stopping before many songs to tell the crowd different bits before going into the song.  Before they played “Cry For Help” he talked about how we all say we are doing Good and no one wants to really talk about how we are doing but that it’s ok to really talk and ask for help.  He talked about his hit “Home” and how it’s “that song” for his band.  It’s the song that casual fans will tell him I love that one song you all do when talking about his music.  Another moment was before he went into playing “Heavy is the Crown” he dedicated it to the people in Ukraine who “are fighting for their lives.” Throughout the night the audience could be heard singing along with every song and once they finished playing “September” and walked off stage the crowd chanted Daughtry loudly waiting for the encore.  After a longer than normal wait, Daughtry walked out onto the stage telling everyone that they were having some technical issues and that he would play a song he wasn’t planning on playing while they got it sorted.  He then started playing “Waiting for Superman” and the crowd loved it.  For the last two songs of the encore, they played “Over You” and “Asylum”.  After the show Daughtry took time to thank everyone for coming to the show.  He told everyone it meant a lot that we all went to see them when we could have spent our money on anything else, but we chose to be there which meant the world to them.  He asked that we all promise one thing for next time though.  That we all promise to bring a friend.  That one friend that said “Daughtry?  I don’t want to go see them.” He said you can tell them that we’re actually pretty cool and bring them to the show.  Going by the performance they just put on I would have no problem telling my friends to come with me to see them next time and telling them they would be in for a great performance. 

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