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Country Fan Fest: Fan Experience and Tips for the Event

September 1, 2023

Each year thousands of Country music lovers descend on Tooele County, Utah on the last weekend in July for Country Fan Fest.  The 4-day music event has turned into one of the most popular events in Utah and Country music drawing people from across the nation to the music festival. 

The festival has something for everyone whether you are a traditional country music lover or like things more on the rock side of Country music.  This past event saw headliners including up and coming artist Parker McCollum, traditional Country star Cody Johnson and Hardy bringing a more rock feel to the festival with his set.  Next year’s headliners will again feature up and coming artists and established artists as they have announced Riley Green, Bailey Zimmerman and Jon Pardi as the headliners for next year’s event. 

This past event saw upwards of 47,000 people attend the Festival with Friday being the most attended day for Cody Johnson.  The turnout was a banner year with next year expected to come close to or top that number as it gains in popularity.  VIP camping is already sold out for next year’s event.

Looking ahead to next year’s festival we have included some helpful hints for enjoying your time at the festival. 

Looking ahead to next year’s festival we have included some helpful hints for enjoying your time at the festival. 

Have a designated meeting space. 


Cell coverage and Wi-Fi at the festival can be spotty sometimes.  When it comes to trying to find your friends, if you get separated planning ahead can save you time and stress.  Pick a spot that will be easy for you and your friends to find in case you get separated and meet there.  This also works well for later in the day if you have a friend getting there late or that wants to sleep in if you’re camping at the festival. 

Plan and pack lightly.

The music festival is a fun experience and you’re sure to have a great time but with a little planning and forethought it can be even better.  Pack lightly for the event.  The music festival can be an all-day endurance event with activities starting early in the day and music running until well after sundown in the camping afterparty areas.  Music Won't be the only entertainment that you enjoy throughout the event.  There will be line dancing lessons and other activities hosted by Cadillac Ranch Country Nights in the campground areas.  There will be games and competitions and early morning Yoga for the early risers who want to participate.  With all of these events to keep you busy, water is going to be your best friend throughout the day.  Bring an empty water container and use the multiple water fill stations located throughout the venue grounds to stay hydrated throughout the day.  This cannot be stressed enough as the temperature will sometimes hit triple digits during the event.  Bring cooling towels with you, some of the vendors even have them as prizes or giveaways so be sure to visit the vendors.  These towels can stay cool for up to three hours under ideal circumstances but even having one for an hour during the July heat at the festival is a game changer.  Take advantage of the free shuttle service if you are traveling between the main grounds and campground areas.  Although the walking distance isn’t that far multiple trips throughout the day will add miles to your daily walking, your feet will thank you later for using the shuttles.  Lastly BRING SUNSCREEN.  If you’re there for the full 4-day event you won’t want to get so sunburned that it hurts just to move or from bumping into people throughout the day. 

Bring a friend or 5.

Country Fan Fest is a great experience but it’s even better with your friends.  Get together and listen to some great music while making memories that last a lifetime.  You can also bring your family to the event as the staff and organizers strive to make this a family friendly event. 

Tickets for the event went on sale this week so purchase early for your best pricing and VIP options before they sell out.  VIP camping is sold out with some of the other spots already having low ticket warnings.  Tickets can be purchased now with NO FEES!  Tickets and info can be found here. 

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