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Collective Soul Let's it Shine at The Sandy Amphitheater

August 19, 2022

It was another nostalgic filled night at The Sandy Amphitheater this past Monday as Collective Soul and Switchfoot took us on a trip down memory lane from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Along for the show California based singer/songwriter, Jade Jackson, who opened the show.

Kicking off the night Jackson played a subdued set from what we would experience the rest of the night.  Although she didn’t move around much her talents on the guitar and pure vocals were enough to keep us all watching.  The fans loved it in the middle of her set when she performed a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark.” This stripped-down version was an incredible performance and it made me look her up on social media and YouTube to see more.  It’s always great to see an artist who is new to you that makes you want to see more of them and that is exactly what Jackson did.

The breakdown between sets was incredibly fast at this show and it felt like no time before San Diego based Surfer Rock outfit Switchfoot took the stage playing a 14-song set.  Judging by the reaction from the crowd a lot of Switchfoot fans were in attendance based on the cheering and reaction when they jumped into the opening number “Take my Fire.” Fans also got a treat as they played a cover of the Beastie Boys “Sabotage” that had everyone in the amphitheater on their feet singing and jumping along to the show.  In between songs vocalist, Jon Foreman, walked out into the crowd and called a fan over who was holding a sign saying “Happy Birthday Tim.” It turned out that it was Foreman’s brother and Switchfoot guitarist, Tim Foreman’s, birthday.  After talking to the crowd about this he asked everyone to join in and the venue serenaded Tim with a Happy Birthday song.  Throughout their set Foreman would walk out into the crowd spending a few songs singing by the lawn seats as the band played on stage.  The fans loved this and flocked to Foreman who took time to hug fans and share his microphone as some sang along with him.  It was a very blissful experience and the energy in the crowd was full of love of music and sharing the experience with other music fans.  This is what a concert should always feel like.  Switchfoot closed out their set with the smash hits “Dare You to Move” “Where I Belong” and “Meant to Live.”

Next up on the stage were 90’s giants Collective Soul.  Their music helped shape my 90’s experience and I have always loved seeing them perform.  When I tell people who I am seeing usually I will get a “who” response until I play a few of their songs and everyone knows the music.  In my opinion they deserve more recognition especially for a band that debuted number one, went triple platinum and broke multiple records on the rock charts.  The good thing is that at the show I was surrounded by other fans who knew their music, the band and loved seeing them as much as I did.  Front man Ed Roland has perfect stage presence, seamlessly working the stage, engaging the crowd and keeping the energy building.  It helps to have talented musicians up on the stage with him as well though as seen by his brother and guitarist, Dean Roland, and one of the best guitarists out there today, Jesse Triplett.  Triplett is a phenomenal lead guitarist and it’s a treat to see him on the stage.  Together this band just gels and it makes the night such an amazing experience.  One of the highlights of the night though didn’t feature the band playing their hits but instead featured Roland talking about how he writes out of love.  He wanted to write a protest song for the world today he explained but he doesn’t write that way and so instead he penned a song for his love of one of the greatest protest songwriters ever, Bob Dylan.  The song and performance of “Bob Dylan Where are You Today” was captivating and one of the best experiences I’ve had at their shows to date.  The rest of the show was filled with talented musicians playing their hits such as “Run” “The World I Know” and the smash single “Shine.”

Having two of bands such as Switchfoot and Collective Soul together on tour was an amazing experience.  Both bands are about love and acceptance and the feeling at this show just made me feel warm as I left the amphitheater with a big smile on my face. 

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