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Cameron Alexander leaves his mark with Ice Blue Punk. 

May 3, 2024

Photo by: Hayley Hollis

Pop/Punk music has been enjoying a comeback in the past few years, giving a resurgence to established bands and bringing in some newer acts who grew up listening to it and are now making their mark in the genre.   One such artist that is making his mark is up and coming pop/punk prodigy, Cameron Alexander, who released his latest EP, Ice Blue Punk this past week on Friday, April 26th. 

Ice Blue Punk perfectly captures Alexanders punk attitude with the pop inspiration that is the hallmark of the pop/punk sound, while also adding in some new elements into the mix blending in modern themes and sounds with the classic sound of the genre. 

In October of last year, the lead single “Time to Break Up” was released and gave us the first glimpse of what to expect on the EP.  Alexander wrote the song in the studio the day after a breakup with the emotions still fresh in his mind.  It’s something we can all relate to, when a relationship is ending, and you find yourself growing apart and deciding on if you should end it or not.  “Something inside me’s grown and changed, Wasting our time is our only game, Sneaking around on you’s not ok, Guess I should just leave and be on my way.”

In true pop/punk fashion heartbreak and breakups play a large part on the Ep with most of the songs dealing with this topic.  Last month the single “Insomniac” dropped when the EP was announced along with a music video for the song.  It’s another one full of angst about a relationship ending.  Alexander had this to say about the song “The Purpose of the song was the bend elements from traditional pop-punk songs as well as experiment with more electronic elements to resemble the confusing atmosphere that the sudden end of a relationship can cause.  To me, Insomniac is a rapid fire of emotions channeled into an anthem that serves as the perfect closer to the first body of my work, a triumphant cliffhanger to my life, my music and what’s to come from both.”   

In an all too familiar scenario that we can relate to, Alexander sings about being an insomniac while laying awake with his thoughts of that one person. “You wanted this but then you just backed right off, Now the Taste of your lips is just a fleeting thought, that I wish I could write down, Like the words that you said but did you mean that shit anyway?”  Who hasn’t spent sleepless nights thinking about that person and trying to hold on to their thoughts but then finally trying to make yourself not miss them “So now I’ll lie here awake, And peel back all your mistakes, While I wish I just stayed home alone.”

“Fight for Fun” might be my favorite track on the album.  Vocally the vocals are the clearest on this track and the song has the catchiest guitar riffs and solos on the EP.  It also encapsulates that feeling that you get when you like someone but you’re both playing games.  Who hasn’t had that experience when they were younger.  Even if it didn’t work out it’s a universal feeling that people look back on sometimes with fond memories as the one that got away but always with a melancholic feeling to it. 

Those three songs make up the heart of Ice Blue Punk.  “Riptide” and “Room of Mirrors” have some catchy riffs to them but ultimately fail to capture the magic of “Fight for Fun’” “Insomniac,” and “Time to Break Up.”  Overall, the album is one that fans of pop/punk music will appreciate and showcases a rising voice in the genre.  Alexander’s admiration for the genre is clear when you listen to the songs or watch interviews with him and his videos on social channels.  That dedication and his musical talent along with his eagerness to explore new sounds while respecting the legacy of pop/punk will see him give voice to a new generation of pop/punk lovers and guitar wielding youths. 

Ice Blue Punk: 

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