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BUSH Live at The Complex

February 10, 2023

Utah Alt/Rock fans were in for a treat this past weekend as UK based alt rock group Bush made their return to Salt Lake City for a stop at The Complex.  Last year we were lucky enough to see them open for Alice in Chains over the summer but this time we would get to see them headline the show. 

The band opened the show with “Identity” off of their latest album The Art of Survival.  This got fans going right away as fans love the newer songs from Bush.  A lot of the fans that were there this night were telling me they love the newer harder sounds that have been present on the last two albums.  It definitely showed as fans got right into singing and the energy went through t e roof when the band started playing.  Fans of their older material didn’t have to wait long though as the second song they played was “Machinehead.”  It seemed just as many fans loved the older songs just as much as the new. 

After the song singer Gavin Rossdale stopped to thank the crowd for welcoming them back and commenting on the weather.  He said the last time they were here it felt like The Sahara with how hot it was and now it was freezing.  He did mention how beautiful the state was though it would be nice to visit when it wasn’t scorching hot or freezing cold. I am sure the fans here would love that also.  Any excuse is a good one to have Bush come back to the state for another show.

Throughout the night Rossdale worked the stage reminding everyone there why he was the face of rock in the 90’s.  Seeing him on stage again brought a rush of nostalgia pouring forth and I heard from a lot of people there how it was awesome seeing them there and feeling like we were all in high school again screaming as Bush performed. 

Rossdale loves to interact with his fans at the shows and tonight was no exception.  Although he didn’t get to run through the crowd like he does at arena and amphitheater shows he did come down to the pit and stand at the barricades singing and high fiving fans who all pushed forward trying to get as close to him as possible. 

The rest of the night was spent watching Rossdale deliver a perfect performance while Chris Traynor and Corey Britz worked the guitars seamlessly with newest member Nik Hughes working the drums.  The band is flawless but most of the attention deservedly goes to Rossdale who has been one of the biggest names in rock for such a long time and remains one of the top front men out there today.  The night closed with the band playing their smash hits “Glycerine” and “Comedown.” The crowd sang along to these songs all the while Rossdale had a smile on his face that spread through the crowd. 

It was a great night of music from one of the most iconic bands out there.  If you have the chance to see Bush you should go see them.  They remain a must-see performance and one of the driving forces of music out there.  They are on tour now through the end of the month.  You can find dates and tickets here. 

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