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Asking Alexandria All My Friends Tour at The Depot

May 11, 2023

Salt Lake City was a great place to be this past Wednesday night if you were a metal music fan as one of the most anticipated tours of the year rolled into town.  Asking Alexandria brought their All My Friends Tour to Utah along with support from Nerv, The Word Alive and Memphis May Fire.  Those lucky enough to score a ticket to the sold-out show lined up early while others waited around outside of the line hoping to get tickets that people were selling.   

Nerv kicked the night off with an energetic set that got fans in the mood for the evening ahead.  I hadn’t heard of the band before, but it was clear that I was in the minority when the singer asked who all had heard of them and the venue let up a roar and then sang along with their set.  Next up on the stage was The Word Alive who wasted no time in getting the energy in the venue through the roof.  This band is a favorite for many people in Salt Lake City and it was clear that many fans were excited to welcome them back to the state.  Their raw energy fed the crowd, whipping people into a frenzy, the music and emotions reverberated through the building.

Next up came Memphis May Fire who took the energy that was in the building and turned it up another notch.  Matty Mullins got the crowd going with his vocals and engaging stage presence which finally saw the first wave of crowd surfers coming in.  For the next 40 minutes of their set the band fed off the crowd’s energy and built the anticipation higher for what was to come. 

Finally, the moment arrived those fans had been waiting for.  The lights went low and when Cameron, James, and Sam walked out on the stage followed by Danny a moment later there was no holding back from the band or the crowd.  The first song out of the gate was the hard hitting “Closure” and from there on out the venue was raucous.  Wave after wave of surfers were propelled to the front keeping the pit crew busy catching the fans.  The setlist was just one banger after another with everyone screaming along and mosh pits opening.  Two moments of the night stood out as highlights though. One with Worsnop splitting the crowd down the middle telling the crowd to bake up multiple times until there was enough spacing and then everyone launched into a wall of death with a big pit forming.  The second was when the crowd launched and Worsnop launched into an acoustic sing along of The Backstreet Boys hit “I Want it That Way.”  Only Worsnop could bring a crowd of metal-loving fans to sing along to a boy band hit and make it still seem metal.  After the brief sing along the band returned to the pent up energy ridden sound they are known for as the night continued on until ending with an encore performance of “Alone in A Room.”

After 5 and a half hours of music and moshing fans made their way out of the venue still high on the music and events of the night already saying they couldn’t wait for the next time Asking Alexandria comes to town. 

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