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The HU and Asking Alexandria in Salt Lake City

October 9, 2023

Mongolian rockers, The HU, and English rock band, Asking Alexandria tore through Salt Lake City last week on the Psycho Thunder Tour along with openers Zero 9:36.  The double headline tour made a stop at The Union Event Center last Wednesday and fans from across Utah were treated to a night of amazing music from two different sides of the world. 

Asking Alexandra was the first of the headliners to take the stage to a roaring approval from the fans.  Throughout the set front man Danny Worsnop would take the time to talk to the fans about how special Salt Lake City has been for the band throughout their career.  He talked about during their first tour in the states they were welcomed to Salt Lake by the fans and how every time they have visited since it’s been a warm welcome.  The fans cheered to this and then screamed and sang along to every song the band played.  The set included fan favorites from across their 15-year span along with newer music from their recently released album ‘Where Do We Go from Here’. The newer music received just as much of a reaction as the older tunes which was great to see that fans are still loving what the band is putting out. 

At the end of their set before they played “Alone in a Room” to close out the night, Worsnop thanked everyone again for all the support and told the crowd that the last 15 years have been a hell of a ride but the next 15 will be even better which brought the crowd alive screaming in approval. 

Up next were the Mongolian rock sensation, The HU.  If you have never seen The HU in concert, you should do yourself the favor and try to make it to a show.  Their set is a performance in every sense of the word.  Not only are the songs incredible and spell binding but watching the performance and the instruments they play is a captivating sight itself. 

Make no mistake though, their set is a rock show.  Where else can you see a band make a Metallica song seem even more metal than Metallica does?  Don’t even get me started on the drums either.  The sound of the drums is the sound of thunder blasting through the venue as the band performs mixed in with the incredible strings on the traditional Mongolian instruments. 

Fans were treated to some incredible songs including my favorites “Mother Nature” and “Wolf Totem” the latter of which brought them into fame as the song enjoyed a remix version with Papa Roach vocalist, Jacoby Shaddix, joining the band for vocals.  Closing out the night The HU performed their cover of Metallica’s “Sad but True” which sent fans into a frenzy once the notes hit the speakers. 

The HU totally stole the night, which doesn’t take anything away from Asking Alexandria as they are top notch performers also and for many in the crowd, they were the act that was the best of the night.  For me what sealed the deal was just the breath-taking beauty of the instruments and the unbridled passion and gratitude that you could see from The Hu as they performed and thanked their fans.  Either way I know I as well as everyone else in attendance will be looking forward to the next time these two bands make a stop in Utah. 

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