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Alice in Chains Rock Usana Amphitheater

September 2, 2022

Fans filled Usana Amphitheater to near capacity this past Monday night despite the near 100 degrees heat to see Grunge giants Alice in Chains perform.  Joining AIC onstage during this heatwave was another iconic band of the 90’s, BUSH and current rock torchbearers, Breaking Benjamin. Despite the heat making it seem as if performing” in the Mojave Desert” as BUSH vocalist, Gavin Rossdale joked, the show was a major success and had the crowd screaming for more the whole night long. 

The night was off to a great start by the time BUSH took the stage with the crowd getting in the mood to rock the night away with openers Thunderpussy.  BUSH wasted no time building on the energy that they had been given from the crowd, opening the night off with their single “The Kingdom” the title song off of their 8th studio album and then jumping right into their hit “MachineHead.” Rossdale was flawless in his performance this night reminding everyone why he was one of the faces of the music scene in the 90’s.  He worked the stage effortlessly and then took a jog out to the grass seating area to work up the crowd in the back half of the venue also. 

Next up was current rock powerhouse, Breaking Benjamin, whose performance had the crowd on their feet through its entirety.  Vocalist, Benjamin Burley, has a voice that commands attention and the crowd were happy to watch and sing along to his every word.  During the set he took the time to thank fans for keeping his band going for the past 20 years and talked about how much sharing the stage with the other two bands meant to him.  In an interesting little fact, he revealed that his first concert that he ever went to, was an Alice in Chains show and that he knew he wanted to make music after that show.  His second concert was a BUSH show and now he was sharing the stage with these bands that helped forge his desire to make music. 

After 4 hours of the show building energy Alice in Chains took the stage to a thunderous cheer from the crowd and opened the show with their hit “Again.” Fans sang along with every word welcoming the band back to their first tour in three years.  What a sight it was also to see these icons perform for us all.  Jerry Cantrell played riffs like no one else on his guitar while vocalist, William Duvall, let his vocals rip and kept us all singing along to every word with him.  The band dedicated “Nutshell” to late front man, Layne Staley, like they always do.  During this song the venue was lit up by the cell phones of all the fans in attendance and almost every person there joined in on lighting the venue up for Layne.  At the end of their set, they closed with their mega hits “Would?” and “Rooster.”

This was absolutely one of the best shows I have been to this year and probably all time.  It’s not every day you get to see icons such as Alice in Chains perform, and I cherished every moment of this show.  If you have the chance, then definitely go see them as they are out on tour now through October.

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