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3 Doors Down and Candlebox Rock Usana Amphitheater

July 28, 2023

Utah has been in the middle of a heatwave recently with no end in sight.  Not even that could keep music fans away from Usana Amphitheater though as 3 Doors Down came to Utah to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their Away From the Sun album.  Joining them on the stage were special guests, Candlebox, who were celebrating 30 years since their launch of their debut CD.

The night opened with iconic Seattle band, Candlebox, taking the stage first to kick the evening off.  Over the course of their 11-song set the band showcased hits such as “Cover Me” “Far Behind” and “You.”  Their sets are always infectious, but this one had more behind it, with it being part of their farewell tour.  Vocalist, Kevin Martin, showcased his powerful vocals which have been entertaining fans since the early 90’s and had everyone singing along and feeling nostalgic through the evening.  The band had a special surprise for the fans in attendance also as former guitarist and Salt Lake City resident, Sean “Memphis” Hennesy, joined the band on stage to play acoustic guitar for “Far Behind” and “Cover Me.” In what was perhaps the most touching moment of the night, Martin dedicated “Far Behind” to some of the most iconic rock legends that helped define the Grunge movement and sound that we know, and all who were  close friends of his, Kurt Cobain, Scott Weiland, Layne Staley, Chris Cornell, and Andy Wood. 


After the break, the sun had started setting but things were just getting turned up as 3 Doors Down was up next.  Over the next 90 minutes we were all treated to a trip down memory lane as we celebrated the 20th anniversary of one of the defining albums of the early 00’s.  Over the course of the night, they played the album in its entirety with some other hits thrown in also, which had the venue singing along and on their feet for the show.  Looking around seeing so many fans sing songs such as “Away From The Sun” “Let Me Go” and “When I’m Gone” filling the mountain side with these amazing songs was just an incredible experience.  The biggest reactions of the night were saved for “Here Without You” which had everyone lighting up the venue and swaying back and forth while singing and the closing song.  When the concert was over vocalist, Brad Arnold, thanked everyone for coming and then joked with the crowd saying they better do that song before they leave, and then launched into “Kryptonite.  The crowd had fists pumping in the air and everyone was on their feet for it. 

It was such a great night of music and a trip down memory lane listening to these bands that both helped define their era’s and was a wonderful experience to be able to see Candlebox on their farewell tour.  As far as 3 Doors Down, I’m already looking forward to the next time I’ll see them. 

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